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With VQL, everyone on your team can ask questions of their data and get answers. No code necessary.

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VQL knows the types of your data so you can search text or compare numbers and dates, instantly.

Let's explore 3 million Bike Share Rides in
New York City

Get the Big Picture

Create histograms to find patterns and outliers. Where do we need to distribute more bikes? When?

Penn Station is the most popular place to pick up a bike. Demand drops off on the weekends.

Mix, Match, Plot

Combine analyses and visualize the results to answer your questions.

What days of the week do cyclists ride around Central Park?

Connect to Data

VQL supports data from most SQL and Relational Database Systems, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, RDS, Amazon Redshift, and Heroku.

Or start by uploading a CSV or spreadsheet.

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